Priory Notes

Priory News – 24th February 2019

Thankfully the re-surfacing work has been completed and the road out of St Bees towards Whitehaven is open again. 

Programme for the week.    

 Sunday 24th February: Holy Communion at 9 am, Morning Worship at 10:30 am and Evening Prayer at 6 pm. 

Monday 25th and Wednesday 27th February:   Morning Prayer in the Priory at 9.15am.

On Friday 1st March the Egremont Farmers craft and fair-trade market is being held between 9:30 a.m to 1:00 p.m in the Egremont market hall. 

Please note that from March, the evening Holy Communion service will take place on the fourth rather than the third Sunday of the month. The usual evening congregation have already been advised of this. 

An advance warning that emergency guttering repairs to the East side of New college Hall will be taking place during the week of 4th March to 8th March. Pedestrians are advised to take extra care due to scaffolding being erected for high-level repairs on the Barony carpark site. 


 Our parish electoral roll is due for revision this year. All parishoners who are currently on the roll (and obviously all new parishoners) will need to complete a new application form. The forms are available at the rear of the Priory and when completed these can be posted in the sealed box there. A new electoral roll will be produced which will be presented at the Priory APCM and then the data forwarded to the Diocesan office. 

On behalf of the Reverend Becky Gibbs and the Ministry Team   To know Christ and to make him known

Mrs Vicky Bearman

St Bees Parish Administrator