Ladies Bible Study



From January 2016, we will be discovering Luke’s gospel through the Uncovered series of books and videos, and once again all materials are provided free of charge. An exploration outline is:

Exploration 1 – Standing Room Only – Have you ever heard a friend say, ‘If only I could get my deepest wish fulfilled then I would be happy?’

Exploration 2 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? – Why do religious people sometimes make other people feel uncomfortable?

Exploration 3 – You Can Go Home Again – What might someone mean by saying they’re lost?

Exploration 4 – Everybody is Somebody to Jesus – What are people seeking in our celebrityobsessed age?

Exploration 5 – Game Over? – Do you see evidence that this prior optimism was unrealistic?

Exploration 6 –The Son Also Rises! – Can humans live a satisfied life without hope?

Previously we have explored the Bible through the lens of Charlotte Gambill’s book and videosbe that girl. This is an eight week exploration period with all materials provided free of charge (although you are more than welcome to bring along your own bible). Each session focusses on a different biblical character so don’t worry about joining us partway through the course; we would love for you to be part of our wide-ranging group. Oh, and when we say study, fear not, there are no exams!

We read small chunks of scripture, typically from 2 to 6 verses with three points to prompt discussion. Each Study session has between 3 to 5 of these reading and discussions points. There are no right or wrong answers. There is no finger pointing just open and empowering conversations. Each session ends in prayer. Oh, and there is a sumptuous cake recipe in Charlotte’s book after each session that we sample during our discussions.

This current exploration period is from Tuesday 15th September 2015 to Tuesday 10th November 2015 and full details of each exploration period can be found here.

If you would like to know where we meet, or have any other questions or suggestions for future studies, please email: Janice Knight