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Churchwardens are a vital part of our congregation. Contact details are at foot of page.

The role of a Churchwarden is extremely varied but generally involves management, maintenance, and ministry. The rights and responsibilities of a Churchwarden are laid down in Church Law, and, as with most roles within a parish, this is a voluntary (unpaid) position.

Some things you perhaps did not know about Churchwardens:

1. The office of Churchwarden dates from the 13th Century, and is thus one of the earliest forms of recognized lay ministry.

2. They are legal guardians of all a church’s moveable goods, including keeping an accurate and up to date inventory of these items.

3. Most parishes have two, but we have four to spread the load of this historic building. Historically two Churchwardens would have been a People’s Warden and a Rector’s Warden.

4. They serve for a fixed term, usually between one to two years though can stand for re-election. They are elected by the congregation. Our churchwardens have served for many years, particularly John and Rosalie.

5. They should be someone the congregation respects as a leader who can take charge when required.

6. They should nourish and maintain their own Christian faith, and not let it become stale in the wake of logistical concerns about the church.

7. It is a most rewarding job.

Or, why not contact one of our four Churchwardens. They will be only too pleased to welcome you, help you, and advise on church matters.